Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Playing games with "meaning"

Most of the games that I played were on Sticking it to the Man. I like things that have to do with going against the norm. http://www.molleindustria.org/en/games
The first game I played was “Faith Fighter.” I played the normal version of this game, which means that it was uncensored. The players that you could be were God, Jesus, Buddha, Budai, Muhammad, and Ganesha. The good things about this game were how it incorporated special moves for each faith. Like when you were Jesus one of your special moves is called holy ghost. It makes you see how fighting over which faith is better is pretty childish. Doing the moves weren’t as easy as the instructions made it seem. I guess I’m used to have a controller in my hand. I was pretty bored after an hour.
Another game that I played on this site was “McDondald’s I’m playing it.” This is a game I got addicted to because I really wanted to win even though all the moves I was making was wrong for the environment. No matter what I’d I would go bankrupt within 10 minutes! It takes a lot to keep McD’s running. This game makes you think about what you’re supporting when you got to fast food joints like McD’s. When your in the corporate world of this game you get to corrupt people so that they’ll say or do what you want them to. It kind of what lobbyist do so sway things their way. Advertising part of this game was interesting to like you would put advertising out their saying that little kids wanted McD’s and that it was good for them. Those poor cows I was feeding them hormones and parts of other cows. I had to kill all the cows that got mad cow or disease before they became hamburger mean. If I did not catch them in time, they would go into people’s hamburgers. I had to fire employees that weren’t working with a smile! I did not know McD’s was Disneyland! I think everyone should play this game!
Queer power this game was interesting. I was kind of like “Faith Fighter” but instead of fighting moves they were sexual moves. It had a way of making you get over being uncomfortable playing this came really fast. Mind you, I was playing this game at work! The winner of the match was who ever orgasms first. You had three choices dick lover, pussy lover and curious. Just like “Faith Fighter” I had a problem getting the moves down. I was also possible for you to chance you sex in the middle of a match. This one match I had I was a girl the other person was a guy we had a simulations orgasm. This game is kind of saying everyone does it, most people like it, so why hide it? I feel like you have to be really open minded to play this game.
The last game I played was “fatworld” http://www.persuasivegames.com/games/. I got to create my own character and make him or her under weight, average, over weight, obese or extremely obese. I think this is a great game to teach kids the importance of eating right and staying active. In this game to stay a live you must eat, exercise and run a restaurant. It was interesting to see in the fat world that in the projects there were many fast food restaurants and in the suburbs there were hardly any. In your restaurant that you own you are able to pick what you serve to your customers. Overall, it is a fun game but it takes a while to set it all up and do things in it.

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