Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Weblog I Just Loved Reading

So the blog I enjoyed most was the "Overheard in the New York: The Voice of New York." I loved the unique idea of listing lines that have been overheard through the city of New York. Many were funny and entertaining, particularly because they are so out of context (one line taken from any conversation can ultimately seem pretty ridiculous and/or scandalous). I think I was particularly attracted to this weblog because it wasn't the typical "egotistical" entries complaining or explaining the conundrums of one's life. Instead it embraces an entire culture or community, by posting funny "one-liners" from various random New Yorkers. It is a weblog dedicated to the voice of New York. Although it is a comical and perhaps offensive (if one sees it that way), it is an excellent way to portray the vibrant life of New York.

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MHofsommer said...

I agree with the point you made about how you like the new york blog because it was not as egotistical as many other blogs are.

initially i was turned off to blogging in general because i feel that many blogs out there are simply people talking about mundane or irritating aspects of their lives making it seem like these problems are unique to them. now however after reading quite a few blogs, while there is a fair share of those self centered blogs, there is also a large amount that are quite interesting and insightful. what a surprise, experiencing something for yourself can change your mind....