Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Peihole and general notes

After perusing a few more of the personal blogs I found one that I actually liked reading. The blog. It was nice because you could just scroll right through the entries and not necessarily read them in order. This is a perfect blog for me to read because when Jennifer does refer back to a story she’s written in the past she has links to go directly to that post which helps clarify any misunderstandings. Instead of going into wordy posts she keeps them brief yet very humorous. If I were able to write I blog I would fashion something similar to hers, but I somewhat lack her creativity and wittiness, so I’ll stick with reading hers.

After viewing a few written blogs, I decided to check out some picture blogs listed off of the website we were given. Like they say, I picture is worth a thousand words, and I definitely enjoy admiring a picture rather than read a wordy description trying to paint an image of that picture. If I were to ever create a blog I would much rather spend time placing pictures on the internet rather than posting any of my writing. There are some pretty amazing pictures out there on the web. One of the galleries would recommend is on imagespot by Harry Kikstra.

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Amanda said...

I totally agree with the picture idea. I have to force myself to read for classes so I don't really find amusement in reading about other people's lives. Pictures, on the other hand, are so much more interesting and keep my attention alot longer. They are also quicker to look at and allow for more interpretation, as opposed to words painting a very descript scene.