Wednesday, May 7, 2008

If I had a blog...

I would want it to be just like “Ambulance Girl.” This was a blog written be a woman EMT in the United States. In it she talked about all the crazy cases she has going out on emergency calls. I’ve always found the medical field very interesting and I love watching shows like House and Bones. I feel this would be the only type of blog that I could read on a regular basis just because of the interesting stories. No emergency call is ever the same!
This got me thinking to what I would have for my own blog, if I ever started one (I doubt it). I think I would have the same type of blog as Ambulance Girl but for my experience as a Veterinary Technician. I work at South Bay Veterinary Specialists in San Jose. This is an amazing specialty clinic that offers specialties like Internal Medicine, Surgery, Oncology, and Ophthalmology. I love my job more than probably most people in the world. I want to pursue a career as a veterinarian (small animal Internist to be exact) so I find animal medicine fascinating.
Almost everyday after I get off work, I call my mom, dad, or boyfriend to tell them the crazy things I did that day. This is what my blog would be about. It would be all the crazy cases and issues we had that day. For instance, at work today we had an upper GI endoscopy procedure, which is where the doctor inserts a small camera called a “scope” into the stomach and intestines of an animal. We take biopsies of the tissues and determine their diagnosis. Today was a Burmese named “Ashley” and unfortunately the tissue in her intestine gave the hint of small cell lymphoma. Another case we had was a mean black cat named “Baby Bear”, who had pyometra surgery and a digit removal (she had seven or eight toes on one paw, soo cute, but also a pain in the butt when they grow into her paw pad).
One of the other issues that might be helpful with blogs is postings for animals who need homes. We actually have a kitten who needs a home right now. He’s a black and white kitty who’s about 6 weeks old. He has “little eye syndrome” (dumbed down version of actual diagnosis), which means his eyes are littler than normal but the doctor says they will grow into his body. He is super cute and I would take him in a heartbeat if my landlord wasn’t such a jerk. Contact me if anyone is interested. Pictures above!!!
The job of a veterinary technician is always exciting. I’ve dealt with psycho owners who threaten to sue and the police. A lot of people do not know about this field of work so it would be an interesting blog to those who are and aren’t familiar with my job.


deb said...

I love your idea of a blog! I would totally read it if you wrote it. You make it sound really interesting. :)

moniquesandoval said...

I absolutely loved your entry. I would definitely read your blog, as well. I am also interested in medicine and aspire to be a nurse practitioner, so our interest in health care is shared. However, I feel that a variety of people would absolutely enjoy your blog. Animals are one thing that a majority of persons can admit enjoying on all levels. As an avid viewer of shows on the Animal Planet, particularly Animal Precinct, which deals with your line of work, I witness the treatment of abused and abandoned animals for an hour every week. I am absolutely addicted to it and I am pretty sure I would be absolutely addicted to your blog! You should consider publishing it, honestly!

P.S. I LOVE the kitty! I would totally adopt him but I already have one and I don't think my apartment landlord would not be very happy if I had two. He hates that I have one already :0( But I hope he finds a home soon!