Monday, May 12, 2008

anit -war

Like Caroline, I had never been to an indymedia web site before. I agree with her statement about the set up, I find that it was easy to get around. One thing that I’ve found I like is that the stories are different than main stream media. I get to read about news that is happening right here in the bay area and Santa Cruz. The anti war demonstration put on by UC Santa Cruz students I thought was pretty cool. I do agree with their point of view on the matter of how the military recruits. The fact that they came during a career fair to recruit is interesting to me. Do you guys think that being in the military is a career? Do you think that it is right for the military to recruit during this event? I don’t think that its right when the military tries to recruit on high school campuses. These kids are in high school still not knowing what they want to do with life. The military recruits come in promising so much of course these kids straight out of high school are going to take it. Recruiting in college I think is more responsible of the military because these students are older and wise than they were at 18.

After looking at this one article on antiwar in Santa Cruz I starting looking at other anti war stuff on the indymedia page. There are anti war events going on all the time! I feel so not up to date on the current events of our world. Nancy Pelosi is trying to raise money to keep the war going and to get a bill passed for the war too.

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Amanda said...

To answer your questions...

Yes, I do believe the military is a career. You can do so many things in the military and it is a great place to learn a trade. They work and in return get training, food, and shelter. It may not be a paycheck directly deposited in their checking accounts every other Friday but it is a form of reimbursement for their work, so, yes, I do believe it is a career.

As far as military recruiting goes, I disagree with you. I think the military has every right to recruit at places of various ages and should. My dad came from a very poor family, who did not have the money to support him to continue his education after high school even though he was super smart. Instead he joined the Navy where he learned the trade that he uses everyday to support me going to Santa Clara University. Without military recruitment, he might not have had this opportunity because of the remote area he grew up in.

No matter what, people who want to join will join despite the views of their family and friends, who might disapprove. What does it matter, if they are recruiting at high school vs. college career fairs? The job they are promoting gives them great experience with communication, group involvement and skills they can use for the rest of their lives. How is that different than a booth dedicated to bankers or accountant firms?

In the end, it's just another booth. Walk past it quicker than others if it really bothers you.