Thursday, May 8, 2008

My perfect blog

To be perfectly honest, I've actually entertained the idea in the past of creating a blog that could house the different tangents of thought that I go through, but then I realized that those tangents number in the hundreds per day, so then it would come down to a popularity contest. I'd go over in my head the ideas that I figure OTHER people would enjoy reading about, and in doing so would lose the very concept of personal expression that I had originally intended to pursue. Instead of simply branching out into the nonsensical diatribe that goes through my mind hourly, I'd have to actually cordon it off and put it into something thought-provoking, exaggerated and verbose. It's for this reason I've held off.

Of the listed material I chose Doose, mainly because his style of writing is arbitrary yet somehow he managed to get a point across. I particularly enjoyed today's rant about his family, because the dysfunctional nature of it was all too similar. There's a condescending nature that seems to evolve from older and younger generations that both empowers the younger to out-do the older, but at the same time unnerves the hell out of them. Of course, everyone wants to see their progency succeed, but you can't help but wonder if the methods are truly promotive instead of destructive, which reminds you that parents too, are just human.

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Thrasymachus said...

Well how about not thinking about what other people want to read? Stream-of-consciousness thinking is fun and interesting. Following the trail from one thought to it's origin can be a gag. Here's an example of one, in order of conceptualization:

Fine ass
tight jeans
sweat shops
economics of cheap labor
taco bell
the hungry
high winds
the end

Fun times, eh?