Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Homeless & Post Secret

While I've visited Post Secret in the past, the homeless blog is new to me. I find that both blogs represent similar ideas (at least for me). They both speak to potentially darker sides of our society, and yet provide an avenue for redemption. I use the term 'redemption' loosely with no religious connotation. It's great that people can find a way to get out their darkest secrets, despite what it is. Also, I'd like to think that the fact they are thinking about it (or sending it to an internet blog for the public to view...), means that it troubles their conscience on some level and they acknowledge in their psyche (whether consciously or sub-consciously) that it is something something that they may use to identify themselves with. Obviously while the majority of the posts are of this nature, not all apply so this pseudo-blanket statement doesn't apply to all of them :).
With the issue of the homeless, I rather agree with his statement that homeless people are treated horribly. While I understand that most people (myself included) may feel uncomfortable or even a bit scared when dealing with a homeless person, there is no excuse for not treating another human being with the respect afforded as such. I think blogs such as his will become extremely important in the future, bringing important issues like his to light for discussion. In this particular example, it also helps erode the line of separation between the homed and the homeless, as it evokes discussion and allows the homeless to be cast in closer and more humane light.

PS: I will be posting a response to one of the the homeless dude's blog entries as soon as I get back to my room. Assuming you believe the blog is real (I really don't see any reason for it not to be...), I challenge everyone that reads this post to donate some money. Even if you don't have a job or "it isn't your money", think of it as sacrificing your next dinner out, or trip out to McDonalds.

Also check this out, it's pretty funny :)


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Mackai said...

I agree with what you put forth about the homeless man blog. Reading it made me wonder if being able to really get to know a member in society that you would normally treat with some innate level of contempt will help improve our tolerance of others. Just knowing this one man's story makes me look at every homeless person that I see and wonder what their's is. In short, this blog has opened my eyes and Im thankful for that.