Monday, May 19, 2008


I first played various games on the Social Impact Sites and those seemed a tad boring and the topics relatively safe. I played a learning game (Tropical America), a Health game (Ben's Cancer), a game on the Lego Site, and also a Social Game (3rd World Farmer). 

Then I went to Molleindustra. I was surprised when i read the first game title which was "Faith Fighter" (Give vent to your religious intolerance!) and then i was shocked when i read the next game title "Operation Pedopriest." The more titles I read, the more shocked/disgusted I was. But then I realized that the site wasnt meant to offend anyone, rather to show how ridiculous some things are, like religious intolerance. I think that while games like these are on a fine line between offensive and satirical, that they more or less get the point across. I thought this site used shock and awe to their advantage and made games that drew people's attention in with catchy titles, descriptions and topics. 

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Lucy said...

I agree that the games do a good job to point out the absurdity of alot of the things we get caught up it. I also think that you make a valid point about the fine line between offensive and satirical. For some it seems like the VA tech game was very offensive. I agree and can see how it would offend others and after reading a number of these posts, i realized that the "social impact" part of this type of gaming is at the center of it all. These games must all have a social element in them that really allows us to evaluate what is going on in our world. I think it opens the doors for a new way of thinking and a new way of getting us out of our conditioned ways of thinking. The aim of this games seems to really question whats going on and how are are potententially able to fix it, or justify it, or figure it out on our own terms as a person of this community.