Thursday, May 8, 2008

Interesting read...

After reading several blogs and discussing two of the funniest that I found, I decided to blog about one that was not funny, but instead, it was fascinating. I visited "Homeless Guy" after reading a few of the class's posts. This was, in fact, very interesting. In case no one else has been on it recently, our class was featured on the site as of yesterday. The author even provides a link to our syllabus. Since other's have already written about content of the blog, I will not go into detail because it would get way too repetitive. I read the author's posts on his trip to Japan and how he was homeless even in another country. I enjoyed his posts because I feel like I am reading his thoughts. I realize that blog posts are thoughts, but I felt like I was reading what he was thinking in his mind...does that make sense? The way that the author writes his posts are as if he is thinking outloud. He writes seemingly pointless things, like how long it took him to walk to a certain place, or what he feels like eating, or how bored he is. But, in the context of the site, it works because he is allowing people to put themselves in the place of a homeless person and really get a feeling for what life would be like. While most of the other blogs are opinions, or funny quotes, or reactions to things, his is basically an autobiography. I feel like I am reading a book when I am reading his blog. He describes his setting in detail, descibes every minute feeling, and even describes any movements he makes: "I looked to my left and...." "Im standing here opening a small can of beans...."

I have never experienced homelessness, but it was incredibly interesting to read about someone who has, and in such detail. I think a lot of people could learn something from this blog. If people do not find the site interesting, I think it is at least a possibility for people to learn empathy and understanding. Our society has such negative stigmas surrounding homelessness and I think blogs like this could really make an impact on the way people view homeless people.

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