Wednesday, May 7, 2008

if i only had a blog....

I'm not quite sure what I would call it. BUT I do know that it would be a work of art to say the least =)
I would make sure to put all my quirky little personal philosophies on life out for the world to see. In addition to blogging about my life (and those close to me), relationships, school, and fashion, it would be completely necessary for me to throw in the latest about the true madness which is commonly referred to as "Hollywood".
One blog I truly enjoyed reading was one by a girl named Raymi. There was a link on Tony Pierce's blog to Raymi's site and I actually sat at my computer and read at least 20 of her blog postings! No, I'm not a weird stalker but her blog was fairly interesting, there was a definite sense of voyeurism going on that was oddly addictive. I know nothing about Raymi, what she sounds like, or what her favorite bedtime snack is; the things she posts in her blog are the only snapshots of her life that i have to make a character judgment...and so far so good interesting!
I think my blog would be a mix of Raymi's "notorious b.l.o.g.", Crunk & Disorberly, and the M.I.S.S. blogspot.
Actually I'm pretty excited to start my own blog, who cares if no one ever reads it?! My satisfaction will come from the simple fact that my opinion is out there for the world to read (maybe??). Tony Pierce makes blogging not seem like such a daunting task. It's the new wave of communication!

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