Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I could not stop reading the blog entitled “the homeless guy”. Written by a man who has experienced a large portion of his life without a roof over his head, it is interesting to see the perspective that comes with this first hand knowledge. I also find it really refreshing to see a positive (for the most part) environment, which this blog is, where people can discuss the normally taboo issue of homelessness. It brings to light how it is something that everyone is responsible for whether we want to see that or not. Also, the latest blog entry by the homeless guy is a short entry commenting on how he finds it interesting that classes use his blog in their curriculum with a link to our very own web syllabus. I think that if more people were to read this very well written and eloquent blog (skills that are not traditionally associated with people who are classified as homeless) and others like it, many would be able to understand the complex issue in a much clearer manner.

On a lighter note, I really enjoyed the “overheard in new york” blog site as well. I am a little confused where these statements come from but some of them are so funny! Granted you have to have a pretty middle-school-mind-set for some of them to be funny, I can totally relate to the situations where you just hear snippets of conversation leading you to seriously question what the hell that person was talking about.

I used the google blog search engine to find some blogs on topics that I am interested in. I found on the lonely planet website a blog about travel and some world news topics. I really like to read this to see other people’s experiences and also learn some tips for myself. This is a blog I would consider returning to for advice and help in the future.

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