Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blog as Social Experiment

After having read Brittany's post on the blog I decided to look into it only to discover to my great delight that it is in fact uproariously funny (so I didnt actually roar, but still, it was funny). And I got to thinking about what kind of blog I would love to see out there in the world. At first I thought it would be funny to post potentially offensive random passive aggressive signs in public and take pictures of peoples reactions. However it might be difficult to get peoples natural reactions with a camera shoved in their faces (not that thats ever stopped reality tv... as I snicker). Im also pretty sure you cant just take pictures of people and post them online without their consent (and if you actually are allowed to do that please dont let me know.. .let me live in my fantasy world where that kind of creepiness doesnt exist). Im not sure how to get around these obstacles without breaking out the ole spy gear... maybe people have suggestions... maybe its not even a good idea... I take that back, it is a good idea... just give me the suggestions.

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