Thursday, May 1, 2008

Desperate Fan Fiction

As I browsed the fanfiction site, I was immediately interested in reading those stories dedicated to the program "Desperate Housewives." As I skimmed the over 200 stories I came across one entitled "Desperate Housewives: Teen Style." I began to read this story and I was hooked, it was just as drama filled and entertaining as watching the actual TV show. The story offered an insight into the Housewives' characters, as teenagers. The actual show is set in a quiet suburban neighborhood that is secretly filled with hurtful secrets and outrageous shenanigans. However, it begins when all the women are adult, most even mothers. This story provides a creative outlook into a much earlier beginning, the Housewives in high school.

The writer offers a brief description of each character as a high school teen in the first chapter. In the second chapter, the story begins and starts off with controversy surrounding seventeen year old Gabrielle, whose high school boyfriend tells his father that he wants to marry the young cheerleader. The writer does a wonderful job of encompassing each character's TV personality and develop it into their teenage persona's.

I absolutely enjoyed reading this fanfiction. I think it is a wonderful way for fans to creatively declare their love for a show or whatever their fanatic side consumes. These fans in no way attempt to legally infringe on copyright laws, they simply wish to imagine their show or book in a way that satisfies their unanswered questions. And even more so, it offers other fans a chance to share in their fanatic love with others with similar interest. Fans are able to gather and share their creative ideas regarding shows and books. Perhaps even shows can take ideas from these fan fiction sites and incorporate them into their works. This is, after all, a site created by fans for fans. Therefore, these sites encompass all the things fans would love to see happen or wish would happen. If a show or book series is ever in need of a boost in ratings or in selling, fan fiction could help them achieve that.

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