Monday, April 28, 2008

The Office Fan Fiction

Wow I have to say I never really knew about fanfiction before this exercise.  I thought that I wouldn't really like it but the stories were actually kind of interesting.  I looked at scripts from the office because its pretty funny in real life and I wondered if fans could replicate that.  Generally, the stories stayed true to the character's behaviors, but offered interesting scenarios that haven't been played out on tv.  In one story, Pam was pregnant with Roy's child and surprisingly consoled by Ryan.  In another, Jim asks Pam to marry him.  This one did a nice job staying true to the characters and actually produced some funny lines that I could see being on the show.  In another, Darryl and Kelly Kapoor are having an affair while she was dating Ryan. It was actually pretty easy for me to visualize these events, and I was interested in the different directions that fans took.  Even those these pieces deviate from the show, I can see how fan fiction can be a fun creative release, and even an addiction for readers.   

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MHofsommer said...

In regards to fanfiction in general I think it is very interesting and insightful that the author of "Private users of cyberspace" Shanon Cumberland notices how women are using fanfiction to express sexual desires which are normally taboo to make public. Considering that the internet can be as anonymous as you want this makes the reason for its appeal entirely clear, but then I wonder, is the internet (with profile sites and vitrual worlds like SL) the only place where women can express these sexual desires??