Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Adult vs. Youth

I thought this concept of adult audience vs. a youth public was very interesting. It seems to be true that it's hard to make a Myspace that is "good" and makes YOU look "good" to both audiences. I think that to an extent it is a counter public, because you need to look "good" to your parents so they don't get mad but at the same time you need to look cool to your friends. The solution was to make your page private but then this puts up another block for people to look at your page. I have made my page private, and realized that it makes people add you less (not that i care). People want to look at your site, not necessarily to be your friend, but to see what you are about. and in the end, shouldn't your page be what you are about and not trying to make yourself acceptable to people who you think are your friends?

I think that the adult audience also at times wants their children to be part of this idealistic society, but they have to realize that kids are kids and do things to make their friends like them. In the end, most kids want to look cool to their friends and not their parents, because their parents will most likely love them no matter what. More parents should try to be like dad in the article who didn't understand the cocaine reference, and then asked his daughter about it. He understood what his daughter meant once he asked about it. My parents were always soooo strict, I wish they had asked me about certain things instead of assuming the worst. Parents should try to have an open communication with their kids about their myspaces, and maybe lay some ground rules, but in the end, i think parents and children need to talk about their ideas openly and freely.

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