Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Regarding Jacob's discussion of the forms of participatory culture, the one I find that applies most to me is affiliations. Most of my communications to others come in the form of emails. It seems that the distance created through online communication provides one the opportunity to remove the block of judgment that can be created through direct conversation, reading the other's body language is removed. It seems there exists potential for individuals to misinterpret another's thoughts by removing the direct form of conversation but what is gained may be more honest dialogue and free communication that is devoid of intimidation and domineering. 

"What do you imagine the economic implications are of having these new skills and in what sense does that represent economic or political power?" 
The implications are no doubt great, substantial, and influential in the long run for the individual, society, and from what we've seen most recently, politically (referring to the online presidential contributions). Economically speaking there are varying skills acquired which will help individuals improve. The skill which caught my attention the most was the distributed cognition skill. I feel this will benefit the individual the most meaningful, as is the case in most companies, they require that their employees have a basic working knowledge of software programs and the fundamental functions of computers. By using myspace and other online forums, the user acquires basic skills that allow them to operate many universal traits that software programs work from. Thus the person that is familiar with these online sites will have acquired some of the skills needed for the real world, and further increase their marketability to companies. 

Jenkins writes that a media creator is one that has a "blog, webpage, posted original artwork, photographs, or videos online." By taking this class I guess I am a media creator, not necessarily by choice, rather indirectly. I don't see too much of this unfolding in my personal life. I don't wish to express myself too much online. I have a myspace page, but it is hardly used to express myself. I am not against self expression, I encourage it, but I don't have the current desirability to unleash my creativity to such a forum. I have posted writings in the past to specific places, but I would argue that is not the fullest extent of being a media creator, more of a textual creator. 

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