Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Media Creator's

It has become so easy to be a media creator in this day and age. Facebook, Myspace... have made it so easy to get yourself on the web. Almost every one that I know has signed up for at least one of these websites to keep in contact with friends, to keep people updated on their own lives, and inevitably to "stalk" anyone that crosses their eye. Thus, with my Facebook profile I have created media, I have put my thoughts, my interests, my taste in music, movies and books for everyone to see. Yet I still must be careful about what I have on-line. Many of my friends, who are seniors or juniors applying for jobs and everything are forced to take pictures down or remove friend comments for fear that they may be seen by possible companies and could cost them a job in the future. Facebook and Myspace are changing the professional world, and the way that companies hire for good.

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Meghan Doocy said...

I can definitely relate to how media you have created on the internet in the past can cause apprehension during a job search. The media my friends or i created when were in highschool is accessible by all, and at that point we weren't thinking about how what we published would effect our business reputation. I have found being able to create media and reach a large audience almost instantly to be more helpful than harmful to my career in marketing. I work promoting and marketing in the beverage industry, and being able to create media has enabled me to advertise my message very easily and much quicker than through other methods. Plus, in my industry image and making the product "cool" is everything, and publishing my own media allows me to control the image of my product.