Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mental Penetration

Rape in Cyberspace, is it real? In a physical since, no it is not real. But when some one feels something it becomes very real to them. Saying this was not really rape is like saying emotional abuse is not really abuse. Sadly, people identify with their avitar so much that they feel what their online self feels. In real life you can fight back, in this situation she was completely out of control. When this "rape" took place it was real emotionally to the victim, we have learned ever since we were children that words can hurt as much, if not more then their actions. This leads to the other reading in which people build off of their face-to-face communications with their online communications. This is partially way a rape online can hurt a person. It is understandable that they would feel violated if they are treating these interactions online as meaningful as they treat their face-to-face communications.

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