Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Second Life and the Virtual Marketplace

while reading and checking out some of the articles on the Ruters website I was shocked at how many of the stories revolved around the business possibilities on second life. I guess that because I'm still new to the program and have just recently heard of it, it is quite sup rising at how many companies are investing so much money and effort into advertising in this virtual world. Corporate projects, service companies, and the new industry of MDC's is all just one example to me of how the incorporation of new technology and communication tools is so vital in todays business world. One of the articles discussed how some companies who started on secondlife are not receiving as much attention as hoped and are now moving on to other virtual marketplaces.

The incorporation of mainstream business into the "virtual" industry of programs such as second life makes me realize how eager and innovative companies can be in efforts profit from any new and potential markets.

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deb said...

I noticed this too, it was pretty cool. I think SL has a lot of potential for business and I think it will definitly exapnad in the future