Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is all too weird!!!

So I just read the article on the Reuters wire, and as I was reading and keeping my journal I kept coming back to the idea that we are creating an alternate reality, a new dimension where "people" can live, exist, be, and do. We are able to gamble, create ways to make money, provide charity, interact with people, cause an uproar with nuking and shooting, and now there is even a threat of terrorism. So maybe when I log on to Second life next time I should have a little bar at the bottom of my screen telling me the the national second life security level is "orange" today or maybe I should have to walk though a virtual metal detector or go though an online screening. This is all to weird to me, and to be completely honest I cannot take it seriously. I do not want to believe that there are actually people out there that sit on there computer day after day living a life of "homeless" or whatever- just to sit there and be in a different reality. Really? we aready have one life.. why do we need a second one? I guess that I don't really understand this new online society or community. A part of me feel like i am missing something, but then i am like wait.... if i want to go beg for money, or gamble, or nuke someone, why would i do it on line? why not just go sit out side on the street corner with a sign, or buy a lotto ticket, or set off a roman candle to satisfy my needs? wouldn't that be far more interesting than looking at a screen? And with government in nearly ever facet of our lives.. these people that spend day in and day out on line will find there own liberty's halted and the virtual reality just as boring a real life.

so really what is this all about. is it some attempt to make our boring lives more interesting? Is it a way to break from from what our real society has turned into? Will it even last? Or is this all just a result of lazy, unmotivated people that find a greater existence in the stories they create for themselves? Does anyone finish they're real day job and say with excitement, "I'm going to go on a walk though secondlife after i have virtual dinner at the secondlife diner, then maybe i'll go shopping, and have a late night chat with avatar Neptune?"

Maybe i am on a different wave length. called real life. called real experience. real handwriting, real faces, real handshakes, real smells, real sights, real sounds. I want to be able to touch it and feel it... so if they could figure out a way to 'tele transport' my real body into this virtual world- then maybe i hop on the bandwagon, but as for now it seems like some mindless activities to distract us from the reality of living.

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