Sunday, April 13, 2008

What people do on myspace and facebook

With all these different online communities I feel live everyone is becoming a media creator. Like Elli, all my friends are either on myspace or facebook plus a lot of my family is too. When people create these accounts on myspace and facebook it’s to join a community to keep in touch with other people and to meet new people. I know boys who try to use it as a dating site to pick up girls or do other things with them. These online spaces also give room for all of us to share thoughts, ideas, and daily activities. Not only that it gives a space for people to show case there talents. I have a few friends who have music myspace pages. People use these spaces to help out a cause like donating to feed the homeless or an event for breast cancer. Not to mention people use these sites for their organizations, when they have parties or club events. You can tell people that you don’t even know about your club party and make money off them when they show up.

People write themselves into being by giving information about themselves and providing a face. They allow people to comment on their pages or even their pictures. I feel that people like other people watching them and keeping up to date on their life. People sign on to their accounts to see what comments people have left or what new pictures one of their friends has posted. They leave details of their information out of their profiles to protect themselves or to hide a piece of themselves. I think one thing that people don’t realize is when they put their information out there is what other people can do with it. Besides the online bullying or the cattiness there are people out there who take other peoples pictures and pretend to be them. My friend has had this happen to her twice. A person went on page took her pictures and created a new myspace page using them. Think of what this person could do with your photos and all this information(even if its false). I feel like its getting harder to protect yourself and your identity on these online communities.

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