Monday, May 5, 2008

Blogs A quick overview

Greek Tragedy: Having a blog as an author is a good idea! It is a great way to promote your book because then everyone can get a taste of your writing on the internet.
Dooce: I absolutely love this blog! My mum documented a lot of my childhood with a video camera, and I really adore watching those videos and remembering how little I felt and seeing how silly I acted. I think that this woman had a really good idea and the fact that it puts money on the table does not make it bad, it is just a smart way of making money and documenting a very important part of someone’s life. What do you guys think.
Piehole: So weird, that is all I have to say.
I love this quote from Bellow: “My father was a vital man with a throw-his-head-back laugh who loved October cold snaps, and would let me eat the olives in his glass of brandy every time.”
Waiter Rant: I think I might continue reading this blog, its soooooo good. I love the way it’s written. The descriptions are really good, and I can literally feel the bustling restaurant.
I didn’t like “Chronicles of a Paramedic,” the author seemed cruel and unkind, and seemed like he/she hated his/her job.
“Overheard in New York was pretty good, although I don’t think I would get addicted the way I would to the waiter blog. I think that a story is more engaging.
Loved the post a secret blog. I think I will.

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loda said...

I felt the waiter rant and the Paramedic were fairly similar. They both did a good job of explaining and probably venting the absurdities that go on at their jobs. Although i agree the writer for the waiter rant was a better read, I feel this may be because of the job or experience the employee is describing. I mean its great and all to laugh at retarded customers and workers in a restaurant but is it acceptable to do the same for the patients and workers of a paramedics team?