Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Boyfriend is a WHAT?

My experience with blogging is rather limited to this class alone, so journeying out into the scary world of blog was a little intimidating to me. My first reaction to the title of quarsan's blog was "Oh god. She's just another angry feminist blogger." However, after perusing a few entries, I began to think of her in an entirely different manner. With the internet, quarsan had found a small community of friends in order to relate stories similar to those I would be calling my best friends to chat about. Beyond tales of hilarity and annoyance, she was able to relate actual dilemmas that she encountered in her day to day life. This echoed reality to me - a type of communal interaction where we share the ups, downs and moral quandaries that we face as human beings. Are interactions less valid when they are mediated by a computer screen? I always thought so, but perhaps the advice given by internet friends is just as beneficial as the advice you get from the friends you see every day.

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