Tuesday, May 6, 2008

personal blogs

I like what she says about movies and how anyone looking for their high school crush is warned that she most likely put on a couple pounds. Its like when you ask a friend that you when to high school with if they had seen so and so (a girl) and how she was doing? There usual reply oh she’s good but she put on a couple pounds.
Its cool too how she talks about her family and the nanny. She’s not talking the place of the parents but is an aid.
this blog kinda makes me want to pull my hair out…this lady talks about how her boyfriend is a TWAT! Lady don’t stay with him…though I think she’s annoying its interesting to read her blogs. For instance the one about meeting her Twat’s friends I feel that any girl would have those feeling at first.
Best personal blog I’ve seen yet!! Her drunken blogging reminds me of how some on my friends do drunken facebook postings. Most of her stuff is really entertaining, has much to do about nothing, but at the same time has much to do about everything. I feel her pain about the condo hunting. When new land is bought its remodeled for higher paying cliental.

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