Friday, May 2, 2008

Rebecca's Pocket

This article gave me new insight into an additional reason why one may want to publish a blog spot. I personally wrote about two entries on a Xanga spot I had in high school, and maybe one entry in a blogspot I created before going abroad for a year - a blog I had intended to use to let others live vicariously through me. In my defense, it is difficult to maintain a blog when you don't have internet access for large chunks of time! Anyways, as I read this article, Rebecca said she discovered an extra benefit (aside from sharing her great wisdom with the public, presumably). She said:
"I discovered my own interests. I thought I knew what I was interested in, but after linking stories for a few months I could see that I was much more interested in science, archaeology, and issues of injustice than I had realized. More importantly, I began to value more highly my own point of view. In composing my link text every day I carefully considered my own opinions and ideas, and I began to feel that my perspective was unique and important."
I find this idea intriguing, the idea of discovering oneself while publishing for the public. (That brings up questions of whether or not people blog for the public or themselves!). Food for thought, I suppose.
I also cruised through Eaton Web, which features a lot of different blogs, all categorized by type: ie. Health, Sport, Entertainment, etc. I read "Workin on my Fitness," which Sue created to motivate herself to workout. :) And Mark's Daily Apple, which features daily healthy tips - today's one was about Omega fatty acids: fish is good! I am always interested in trying to live a healthier lifestyle, so I found these sites pretty interesting. I will continuing cruising...

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