Monday, May 5, 2008

Response to Rebecca Blood's article

Once again, at the beginning of the article I was a little confused about the content involved with this whole idea of creating personal lists of sites and giving them to other people etc. But my internet usage is mostly involved with e-mail, facebook and random information that I need to look up such as an address or maybe information about an event. I’ve never been one to subscribe to a blog nor peruse random blogs in my spare time. I just hate spending hours on the internet and I feel like subscribing to blogs or adding to the time I already spend on the computer might not be the best thing. As I’ve already voiced in many of my posts I would rather talk to someone in person or spend time with people in ‘real life’ rather than seclude myself away in my room and use the internet as my main form of communication. I realize that some people are able to do both, but I really don’t feel like I can be one of them.

Near the end of the article, Rebecca talks about how we, as human beings, use filters to weed out what we want and don’t want to spend time on when it comes to reading on the internet. But with the vast amount of information that is now on the internet, these filters can become fairly clogged. I’m the type of person that usually gets tired of weeding through information and I tend to give up halfway through a search in order to find another way to uncover whatever it is I’m looking for. “Not knowing where to begin, she quickly retreated back to”àThat’s basically me, never really wanting to weed through all of the garbage that I would never be interested in, in order to get to the good material. 

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