Thursday, May 1, 2008

Of all the blogs, I really enjoyed the best. I've never worked at a restaurant, but I always wonder what they see or think of the different clients. There are definitely times when the waiter or waitress comes up to our table at a particularly strange part of our conversation and I'm sure they really have no idea what we are talking about, but could make some interesting guesses. The blog seems like a good place for people working that industry to share stories and vent about long days or especially strange customers. Similar to some of the other blogs, it's a safe space for them to share their views without being worried about getting fired or anyone being upset with them. I'm sure anyone could join the community, but it would mainly be of interest to those working in the food service industry.

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scsorto said...

This was my favorite blog as well. It was funny, because working for starbucks, we refer to customers with physical traits as well. in the blog, they called the guy "comb-over" and we do that ALL the time. it's a great site idea because it's available to a community that doesnt always have an area to vent. working at starbucks, for example, we arent allowed to really talk about customers (its frowned upon) so it'd be great to have something like this available.