Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The blog I could not stop...(reading?) PLEASE COMMENT!

I consider myself well versed in the ins and outs of the internets, but I had no idea that photoblogs existed. How wonderful. I love the link that Bousquet provided to the "daily dose of imagery" website. I love that I can take a few minutes of my day, literally 2 or 3 at most, and look at a nicely shot image from somewhere in the world that was taken literally today! I can also see the appeal for the photographer, it must be easy to maintain a site that only posts one item a day, and I'm sure this daily routine has increased his portfolio ten-million fold. I'm sure the daily practice has made his skill in photographing improve ten-million fold as well. This makes me curious as to what type of blog would be easy to maintain like this one, and at the same time would help a person develop a skill (just as maintaining a diary-style blog helps people's writing skills improve)?

Anyone have any interesting ideas?


MHofsommer said...

my favorite type of blogs are ones like this which are geared towards helping a community or individual are the goal. An idea that i have which would be similar to the one you mentioned would be a blog where a person could post a recipe a day, a suggested meal for dinner or lunch and people could comment on in after they have made it and shared the meal.

Also along the same lines of sharing an experience, i think blogs are a great way of allowing people to organize and share experiences in different places all over the world. A blog would be awesome that would post suggestions for things people could do, at their respective locations like watch the sun rise or sit on a bench and people watch, and then share their experiences. that would be sweet!

Dave said...

No interesting ideas but I wanted to comment on your post. I concur with photo blogs, I think they're really great and sometimes a picture...
Oh my god, I made a cliche', I love it, and it actually makes sense. But seriously I do like the blogs that integrate different forms of technologys onto the intronets. I posted about this earlier, but I think with this ability we are better equipped to express ourselves in a manor that is beyond the bounds of mere words, and with the use of words and images, we are able to cast dimensions of inner conscious workings that may have been limited to only movies, books, and direct forms of communication.
It's an evolving instrument we have in society, and a tool that we can use for expressing dimensions of our personality that we weren't capable of expressing previously.

deb said...

What I think is interesting is that Facebook, is like a photoblog!. People put all sorts of photos about on facebook. I think that it is interesting that blogs evolved into a form like facebook. Do you think that in the future video blogs will become more popular? I think that video blogs would allow people to participate in a way that includes them more in their community using video.