Monday, May 5, 2008

Piehole blog

One of the blogs that i could not stop reading was was the piehole blog at It is a hilarious blog that appear to have a strong female community. The titles on the blog made me laugh out loud and many of the comments left by other users makes this site a community. The lay out of the main page is very appealing to the eyes and the opening lines, "Its happy hour somewhere" caught my attention and made me want to read further. This blog was made by a 34 year old women who is "a professional drunk blogger," the tag line reads that she enjoys, "buildings, boys, and booze. Able to operate power tools, smells like baked goods, can totally kick your ass." As i began to go though the blog looking at the archives, i noticed that there is a pretty good readership to this blog and many people respond to various post that this middle aged women writes about. She also blogs about her son in a "how to raise a smart ass" section. After reading many entries in this blog, i wondered what this community is like. Anyone can join the blog spot, any one can post and comment on the pages. I wondered if this was just a bunch of friends that spend time blogging online about their ridiculous "youthful" lives, or if it was just a group of people that have all stumbled on this site and found interests, humor, and support here. I think that if i were to maintain a web blog, i would make sure that it was also very funny. This women has found a way to create a female online community filled with comical instances that happen in everyday life. It almost seems as if she as created a "sex in the city" blog spot where she is able to be the author of her own creative endeavors and write freely for all to read and comment on. If i created a blog i would want to have a community of like minded individuals that could add to the interest and the humor online. It is very interesting to see other women's' response to her post and looking through the various archived posts is it very evident that she has created a community where anyone can say anything and it can just be laughed about. I suggest you all look at this blog for a good laugh and also to see the creativity that went into this blog spot. There are many more funny blogs in the archives and if you check this one out in the library be sure to not laugh too loud! Ha ha ha


deb said...

I actually found this blog kind of boring and superficial, but I think that is what is great about blogs, because you will always be able to find one that you like or dislike because there are so many out there.
What I thought was interesting was when you started wondering what the community of this blog is like. I think the fact that you can't tell illustrates that there isn't a community in the way that a university is a community, or a church is a community. I think blogs are more like newspapers, they do not form a community but are a form of participation. What do you think?

acnewman said...

I love that someone else enjoyed this blog just as much as i did!! I too had a great time reading her entries and those left by others.
I don't think blogs are like newspapers. I don't see how it is like a newspaper. There is no participation there between the newspaper and the people reading it most of the time, unless someone actually takes the time to write them a letter (not usual). The reader just reads and takes in information. I could see it being somewhat similar to an online newspaper but even then its not the same thing. I do think it is a community because usually it is a group of people who have the same interest or ideas. They are able to bounce thoughts, feelings, happens of their day, and whatever else they want off of each other. I feel that there doesn't have to be a title/category given to a community in order for it to be a community. It’s a community of bloggers.