Monday, May 5, 2008

Protect You Secrets

They say a secret can be shared between three people only if two of them are dead. Well what's the rule on anonymously sharing it with the entire internet? I think one of the most liberating aspects of the internet is its "invisibility cloak". We've discussed alot (especially in reference to Second Life) about people being able to create their own identities and pretending to be what they arent. But it's also good to balance that by seeing people be able to express how they truly feel, and get a weight of their chests, without judgement or social repercussions.


Anita Vohra said...

Out of all the blogs I looked into on the Internet, I found PostSecret to be the most interesting. I think this is a great way for individuals to relieve their stress by getting weight off of their shoulders and posting a secret online. The only problem is that if someone is sneaky enough, they might connect a specifc secret to your name, therfore revealing the anonymity of the site

Thrasymachus said...

But even if they revealed some specific person's identity, what are the chances that any of the other users will even know the 'revealed' person? And one would have to have quite a vendetta to want to search something like PostSecret in hopes of revealing somebody's identity and potentially showing a random audience something that, I'm sure, they really don't care too much about. What I'm trying to say is that on a blog like PostSecret, anonymity can be almost guaranteed.