Saturday, May 3, 2008

Searching Blogger's Archives

While searching around Blogger for interesting blogs, I came across a wild amount of blog topics in the archives. Here I saw a blog on 19th century mustaches, one on Bonobos (think back to Anthro 1 if anyone took that class), to one about a girl and her Netflix account. Overall, I came across one blog that managed to hold my interest past the first post.

Hip Hop Hunger :

What is interesting is how Survei (a 17 year old rapper who performed one song a couple of months ago and now has dreams to make a career out of rapping) wants to put on a benefit for his high school. The concert is a relative success, but he sees it as a beginning. He does something interesting, he makes a second blog ( where he goes into detail on how to put on a proper event. He goes into the resources needed, the proper venue, the audience you should aim for, and the proper modes of communicating with authorities. The most interesting is how he targets online as a medium for starting up an event. He says. “Online I used:
[] The Hip Hop Is Music forums (for asking questions on how to promote an event)
[] for making a website to promote the event
[] Local Community Websites
[] Facebook for inviting friends to come
[] The News Tribune's (local paper) online calendar
[] Upcoming Yahoo!'s online events listing
[] for flyers (thanks Leonard for recommending this!)
[] Sphere of Hip Hop's forums for advertising

I guess online marketing means more than e-vites.


deb said...

Its really interesting that this blog allowed you to see another side to this rap artist. I have never thought about how a rising rapper might try and market himself. Very interesting.

Rumbero said...

What's a trip is how it isn't rare for a rap artist (more commonly a band) be able to get their name out using myspace. I mean that is how myspace started. Passsing around fliers to people on the street or inviting people to the event online is one thing but developing technique for the process is showing the usefulness of the community. People interested may not need to go to Borders to pick out a book "So You Wanna Be A Rockstar: 10 Easy tips" or something like that. Instead, they can go to a forum and bounce ideas off an active community. From there they develop strategies. That's quality stuff if i ever heard it.