Sunday, May 20, 2007

Alexandra's Final Project Proposal

For my final project I want to focus on the users of facebook and gender. Specifically, how do female users of facebook differ from male users of facebook? What are the primary reasons men and women join facebook and how are these reasons different? What are the functions of facebook that men and women like best or use the most? How are these different? Which sex spends more time on facebook and why? Do women upload more photos then men? Which sex uses facebook as a dating tool? Or do both and how do go about this?

I want to research these questions and write a critical hyperessay in response to them. I also want to interview SCU students and ask their opinions on these topics. I might even video tape some of the interviews and upload my video to my website. I may even include a blog where facebook users can post their opinions in response to gender differences and facebook usage. I think this is a really interesting topic that has not been explored in detail. I believe this topic is prevalent and should be investigated because facebook is one of the largest social organizations that college students belong to and it is important to acknowledge and understand how men and women’s usage differs.

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