Sunday, May 13, 2007

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Mexico’s ‘Modern Right’

So this thought might be a few thousand years too late, but I think it is now made possible with the technology we are learning about: Those who care about and are already involved in the readings this week have to use this technology to connect and organize with indigenous peoples all over the globe. Not just with the Zapatistas, but with the revolutionaries fighting in the Andes, the Bolivarian revolutionaries in Bolivia and Venezuela, all of Latin America in fact, Africans, and others. Only in funding and fighting for indigenous rights can we begin to reverse the damage we have done in the past and continue to do.

Rise of Internet Police State

It seems at the same time we are discussing how this technology can be used to open its full democratic potential, Google, I mean the FBI, no wait I mean Google, is using technology to track and record every estep we take. I always joke with my cousin who works at Google about search engines providing info to the Chinese government in order to squash political dissent. After reading this article—it’s not that funny anymore. And I never have read one of the many ‘agreements’ I have agreed to online. After this article—I’ll probably start taking the time.

Baltimore IMC

This article is about the 654,965 people that have died as a result of the US military being in Iraq the past 4 years. It was the report from Johns Hopkins U that was published last year in a leading British medical journal and of course, quickly labeled as ‘not credible’ by Bush 2 and not paid much attention to by his corporate media—even though the British government concluded it was true a couple months ago. It’s haunting to think this number was from last July and it’s more like a million now. That’s around the same number of Iraqis who died during the 90s under Bush 1 and Clinton’s sanctions.

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