Monday, May 21, 2007

Allie's Game Experiences

I played three games from the list of games. I found it hard to find games, because not all of them worked. So I didnt really get to oplay the ones that I found most interesting.
The first game I played was a self-esteem game.
It was fun, and pretty easy. You had to click on the smiling gfaces or your name when they appeared. You got 10 points for each and if you hit the wrong thing then you got negative 10 points. The goal is to get 100 points, I ended up with 200 :) I didnt really see how this game worked, and I didnt really think that it was that addicting, so I moved onto another game that I tought might be a little more fun.
The next game I decided to play was a game against hate.
This is a little more interesting just because you watched a film and chose situations for the character to do. It wasnt a real game though. There really wasn't anything that you had to do. Every now and then it would ask you to chose the way to go with a situation and in the end those decisions would choose how the rest of the film would turn out.
The thrid game i looked at was the relaxation game.
It is suposed to make you relaxed and what not, but i think it makes you more sick. YOu are flying through space, and I got sick. But I guess I can see how it could possibly make people feel relaxed.

I did not get addicted to any of these games, and I think that the key to online games is to have people relaly enjoy them and want to play them all the time. I have friends who play games online and actually play them all the time. Then they go out and buy the new versions that aren't online, and I guess that this is what the games are for, they are advertisments for the games so people will want to go and buy the real thing. I also have friends that play poker online and actually make and lose money, this shocks me cause why would you ever put money down on a game, when you arent there and you cant see if it is even real people playing on the otherside. Online gaming has just never really interested me that much.

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