Monday, May 21, 2007

Ryan's Final Proposal

In an attempt to delve in to the world of online predation and pedophilia, my final project will focus on the recent events surrounding sexual predators on Second Life and Myspace. Recently a Second Life based child pornography distribution ring was disrupted and investigators are currently uncovering the true identities behind the avatar users. Not only were these individuals trading images of child pornography but also engaging in “age play groups” in which child like avatars were being sexually abused in Second Life. One way in which online activities are facing real-life consequences is in the recent events surrounding registered sex offenders on Myspace. State prosecutors are currently investigating legal ways in which information from Myspace can be obtained by State of Federal officials in sex offender investigations and inquiries. As we all know Second Life has many blatantly sexual theme based regions, however a problem arises when these themes turn to real-life crimes that warrant prosecution. I would like to examine the problems associated with such activities as well understand the interface that exists between the real-world and places or environments like Second Life

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