Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Video Games - Using History as a platform for entertaining education

I think a person can learn a lot of history and culture through video games without being encumbered with the learning aspect of a video game. Math Blaster and Reading Rabbit were fun when I was 5 and technology was struggling to support the games. Now technology has outgrown basic games and so have most people. Math Blaster and Reading Rabbit will continue to be a simple, engaging, and developmental tool for very young children, but more advanced and intriguing games must be developed to capture the growing/maturing video game audience. With much contemplation I have surmised that video games on the topic of history, mythology, and western civilization would be engaging, instructive, and constructive games to build for enjoyment and educational purposes. The game I roughly propose is as follows:

This game idea focuses on mythology and incorporates original fantasy and science fiction elements as well. That is because of the little variety of games that use mythology as its center. I see many games out there that have used characters and terms that originated from mythology such as Ragnarok, Yggdrasil, Odin, Sleipnir, Sol, and Thanatos just to name a few. Huge game developers don’t mind using ideas and characters from two thousand year old civilizations; but they haven’t considered what could be produced if the right amount of creativeness was combined with the various realms of mythology that is known today. But don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that no games are based on mythology because I am sure that there are. I am just saying that mythology has much more potential than being a database for names to call you creatures, items and characters. I created this game to use my own creativity with the rich history of mythology to do something that isn’t just fun, but also give a sense of gratitude to mythology for it‘s role in literary history. Also, the world in my game will be a reflection of the real world in an era in the future. I have never played an RPG that is situated in any world similar to that of Earth. I decided to do this because it allows the game to have a more direct effect on someone when you speak of his or her own world. I can create science fiction elements to enhance the game. But don’t get me wrong, there isn’t any gigantic warships that travel at light speed. I am tired of people convincing themselves that the future will have man searching the galaxy with advanced weaponry when they aren’t going to be alive to experience it themselves. I just mean that technology will play a role in the game.

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