Monday, May 7, 2007

Divulging and Encountering Secrets through Blogging

If one is interested in creative bogs, PostSecret is teeming with examples of creative genius. PostSecret is an online community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on the back of a homemade postcard. The concept of PostSecret is intriguing for it serves as testament to how individuals use blogs as a means of self expression and emancipation.

One comment in particular really captivated my attention. The comment stated: “After hearing you talk about courage at my school, I decided to write all my secrets on little pieces of paper. I'm going shopping today for clothes and in every pocket I find I'm going to put in one of my secrets. I have more secrets than I thought.” This individual’s idea to put his secrets in pockets where people will stumble across them, correlates with the concept of the blog. The blog is in essence, like this bloggers pocket idea: it is a place for individuals to deposit their written emotions with the expectation that someone will eventually read them.

Yet just like leaving one’s secrets in a variety of pockets is rather liberating, so too is the blog. Through blogging individuals can let loose their heartfelt emotions, pent-up frustrations, deep-seated bitterness, or intoxicating happiness. And as readers as blogs, we serve as the individual who inadvertently reaches into their pocket to discover someone’s secret…

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