Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reading Response

It’s strange to think of the internet as a digital sweatshop for most the interest is a vast intangible space that runs not on man power but machinery. We completely forget as Terranova says, “Internet is animated by cultural and technical labor…a continuous production of value that is completely immanent to the flows of the network society at large.” Terranova focuses on how there are connection between society and the internet. Labor and culture are linked through this technology saying that our society today is developed through this connect. This technology will soon start to shape the way capitalism will work in the future and the future laborers. How will one structured such a vast wide spread technology. I can only think that this kind of capitalist society people have found numerous ways to take advantage of the laborers and the technology. There are many people that believe that the internet should be free from any capitalist agenda but as our society stands today there is no way for our world to move in any other way.

Harraway’s interview was interesting because it focused on those that don’t have access to the internet. In the modern globalizing world cultures that are made to have a disadvantage to the rest of the world. This is interesting subject to me because there are so problems with making our world a internet focused world because they are some many that don’t have the technology, and even if they do have the technology doesn’t mean they know how to use it or it is made for them to use it. Harraway talks about the “digital divide” because of this third world countries are thrown even further into poverty. They have to compete with a market they don’t even have the technology or training to enter. If we could change the way we see technology as a way to help the world to equalize itself then we could if ways to make it benefit all and not just the few.

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