Monday, May 7, 2007

entry 3

so, i started browsing blogs on blogger. com. the first thing that drew my attention was the "blogs of note" section--so i started there. first, i checked out the blog called FemaleScienceProfessor. I noticed, in one of her posts, that she focused on her kids--it seems like this is a new kind of technology not just for computer lovers and "geeks"--parents and teachers get in on it, too. it's kind of weird thinking about how my mom could enjoy having a blog.

the next blog that i looked at was called fashionist, who actually thanked blogger for higlighting his blog in the "blogs of note" section, and then gave a little background to his blog. basically, he goes around sf taking pictures of people he thinks look fashionable. the great thing about stumbling onto his blog today, is that he basically laid out what it is he does for me right at the beginning. he also answered some questions that had come up in the comments.

finally, i looked at the viva las aguas blog, which is about two girls travelling, taking spanish classes, and surfing. they talked about how travelling has actually become comfortable for them, and included a chart of happiness vs. decisions! i liked the chart--it was a humorous addition.

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