Monday, May 7, 2007

Blog #3 #4

First off--apologies for posting 2 on the same day.

Like Stuart, I already read a few blogs that are very interesting to me and their other readers, but maybe would not be as interesting to you all. So instead of searching, I’ll list some of them.

Informed Comment is written by Prof. Juan Cole who teaches Middle Eastern history at Michigan. It is one of the best places in this country to get daily Iraq and US Middle East foreign policy related news.

Brick Burner is a political blog with great links to videos and outside news articles. Socialism anyone?

Dead Air Space is Radiohead’s blog. Who? Oh, the greatest band in the history of the universe?

Music is Art is one of my best kept secrets, but I like you guys so, here is where I pretty much get all of my free indie rock MP3s.

Pharyngula is hosted on so it all sciency and evolutiony and political and stuff. BEWARE.

The 15 minute Hipster is a great place to keep up with the Bay Area music scene and beyond.

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