Monday, May 14, 2007

week 6

I read nonfiction hypertext websites confusing. I did not understand where I was supposed to go when. I tried reading the dinner party one and just go taken to a bunch of different peoples names. I was not quite sure where I was supposed to go from there. I also read the Night Time, but the story jumped around to much for me. The hypertext just lead to excepts of the same story. I thought it would be very cool if instead the hypertext took you to different endings of the story, so each reader would have a unique experience.

The next group of readings I thought were very interesting. The second superpower article was very inspiring. It gave hope, even though I do not think that it has made huge changes in some of problems of the world. I also really liked the Indymedia website very cool. The 1st article i saw on the website was from my home town and there fight to be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. But my favorite was the one about the Harvard hungry strike. I love food and could not imagine not eating for 11 days, to help people I did not know. I also liked the follow up about how it did help and make the university look at its wages. I thought that all these websites helped show are the Internet is connecting people around the world to support causes they believe in.

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