Thursday, May 10, 2007

ELO: Non Fiction Hypertexts

360 Degrees: This site talks about and ask quesitons to see what is working and what is not working in our current criminal justice system. The site is compiled of interactive links that take you to different parts of the site. There is a section about the people they are focusing on; eight different stories about various people that are, or were, in the prison system. I really enjoyed this site because it captured your attention, had simple text, and was very informative. There wasn't too much to read, just enough so you knew what was going on.
Abducted: was the next ELO I looked at. It was a little too strange for me seeing how it was discussing the process of being abducted by aliens. I didn't really find this one interesting or entertaining.
A Childs Game Confused: This site had hypertext links that were placed throughout the text. You could then choose which words you wanted to click on, since they would send you to a different plae in the story. Even though you could the site can be navigated different ways, I was surprised to see that coherence through the site was maintained.
Memoirs from Hijiyama: was a very capturing. It had amazing graphics and design. You could navigate through it by click on little boxes that would lead to more photos and text. It was very interesting and a great site.
Are ELO useful? What makes them so different? I feel that ELO can be very helpful in discussing certain topics and areas of interest, however they can also be confusing. If you have too many links that take you off into this maze of a website you can get lost and feel that the information you received was incomplete. I still like them because they add a little spice to regular textual websites. Most of the sites I visited mainted coherence, which is a main concern oh mine.

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