Monday, May 21, 2007

Allie and Claire's Social Impact game

Our game is going to be about teaching water safety. You would be a character that is watching over the water and you would have to be able to answer questions about the area and what not. It would show a victim and you would have to know what to do to save them in there situation.
I would be as much like real lifeguarding as we could possibly get it. YOu would have to deal with problem children and adults that dont follow pool rules.
We would try to get Red CRoss to use it to either teach Lifeguarding class, or use it as a way to challenge expired certifications. I think this would be a fun game for players because it is kind of addicting and it is a challenge so therefore kids will want to play and at the same time they will be learning about saving lives.
We were also thinking that it would be good to have camps play it before they bring there kids to the pool so the kids have an idea of what the rules are at the pool before they just get there and start running around.
SO we think that are game would be helpful for everyone, including lifeguards and swimmers because it will help and teach the kids and guards how to save lives and what the rules are.

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