Monday, May 21, 2007

Social Impact Game

With all of the recent immigration debate I think that an interesting social impact game would involve building or destructing a fence on the Mexican/American border. At the beginning of the game you could choose to either be a wall builder or a wall destroyer and the game would play out accordingly. I was originally just going to have the game have "wall destroyers" because I am a fan of pushing liberal agenda, but I think that I can do that from both ends of this. I think that the actions of the destroyers and the builders will fully impact the lives of undocumented Americans and their families. This game would not only highlit the struggle for undocumented workers in America but it will display their economic ties to their families. In destroying the wall more families will be able to work across both borders and relationships would be maintained. In building the wall individuals who need to find work would try harder to look for it and be forced to take greater economic and physical risks.

I think that social impact games can be extremely important and influencial. Maybe not for people like me who get a little impatient with games, but for a lot of people I think that this medium of communication is ideal.

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