Monday, May 14, 2007

a plethora of articles

I think that the story “Mother’s Day Vigil for Peace” from was an appropriate article to read, considering the timing. It was about how a silent vigil would be held in the park that day to remember those who died in the occupation of Iraq. It also talks about how one of the organizations, CODE PINK, was named as a response to Bush’s color coding security system. The color pink stands for peace, just as they do.

In the Zapatistas, I read the article about police brutality in May. It talked about how the police stopped flower venders from selling and attacked those who resisted and about how they attacked both national and international media photographers. I think that this was both confusing and ridiculous that they would attack flower venders of all people. The article goes on to talk about how the attacks continued to be placed on people who tried to photograph or record the incident.

I thought that the shack dwellers page was very good because it included many pictures to accompany the story. I read the link called Unfreedom day which was about a celebration that instead of including political speeches, included music and dancing and poetry and brought about a movement of all of the classes. Although this page was interesting, it was hard to follow because I really know nothing about the subject.

Pretty much I just didn’t understand the RTmark page. It just seemed like it was all about undoing social culture.

I liked the yes men page because it seemed like it was making fun of certain structures in our society while showing the errors that they have, such as the dow and WTO.

I also thought that the Christmas In China article on adbusters was really funny because it shows and is making fun of how the culture of America is so materialistic and how other cultures don’t understand it.

I don’t know if I’m really dumb or what but I had trouble navigating the smartmeme site and figuring out what it and the articles were all about.

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