Monday, May 7, 2007

Blog 3

I decided to take after every one else and start googling to find interesting blogs. Most of the ones that I found were dumb and didn't really grab my attention. However, there were a few that I found entertaining.

The first blog I checked out was . Don't ask me where it came from because it just popped up on my google search. This blog is full of random stuff that includes videos that all involve nacho cheese in some way or another. If you visit the site, click on the link called Happy Cinco De Mayo! It features a rediculous song about limes and nacho cheese.

Another blog that I think every girl should read is This is written by a girl for girls who have humor and brains. It pretty much just makes fun of life and talks about men, prostitutes, and mood swings. It is an entertaining read however I don't think that the men in the class would find it very enjoyable.

A blog that I found that I think everyone should read because it is highly entertaining is Click on the links "Embarassments" and the older archives too. But just a warning, this blog is called, "inappropriate is my middle name" so if people are easily offended by swearing and stuff the I wouldn't really recomend that they look at it.

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