Monday, May 7, 2007

Blog 3

The past few days I have decided to search the web for blogs that I found interesting. I saw that my brother had a forum on his website, Crappydance is the name of his production company, the blog is where he and all of his friends talk about movies that either they or someone they know is making.
After seeing this i realized that blogging was not only a place for people to talk about themselves but to also talk about what they are doinga nd things that t5heir friends might find interesting. It is a way for people to keep in contact and amd up to date about what to do and what the other person is doing.
Before this I thought that the weblogs where not so much of a communication with friends but just a way to let things off your chest without anyone knowing who you are. But i realized that it is a way for freinds and colegues to talk with eachother and stay up to date. I tihnk trhat this is a much more useful way of blogging then just hiding your identity and sayig anything you want.

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