Sunday, May 6, 2007

Blog Reviews

(Lauren Clyne: Post 1 of 3)

Suggested by Marc
Post Secret
Post secret is updated every Sunday and features postcards from anonymous artists and nonartists, which divulge a secret of the maker. Some may be real, some may be fake, regardless this is a great venue for free artistic expression. Serious issues like rape, murder, and suicide have come up in these postcards and the website provides information for suicide help. Post Secret also just released a book last fall. Really cool stuff. I’ve been a fan for years.

My Boyfriend is a Twat
I’m not going to lie I was drawn to this blog because of its name. Zoe, the author, is a British mother of three living in Belgium. She uses her webspace to rant, rave, and simply discuss the happenings of her life as a divorced office manager with a “lazy twat” for a boyfriend. This blog is a testament to how much people are willing to share about themselves in the commons of the internet.

The Homeless Guy
This blog just shows the reach and the power of the internet. Kevin, the blogs author, has been homeless since 1982. He uses his blog to educate the community on issues of homelessness, share his own experiences, and gain revenue. I think that this is a really important blog for anyone who is curious about issues of homelessness.

Personal Favorites
Updated Mon-Fri this blog introduces the latest, greatest, and most absurd new technologies to the world. Featuring nerdy things like pixilated wallpaper, rubix cube art, toasters that make toast into the shape of keyboards, and more. I’m always a little disappointed that the bloggers don’t update more than they do, but this is by far my favorite blog on the internet.

Boing Boing
Boing Boing claims it’s “a directory of wonderful things.” And I am happy to agree. Boing Boing is a multiple author blog and one of the most popular blogs on the internet. Everyday odd news stories, fun gadgets, and even information about second life (haha) make it into this blog. It’s a fun way of staying informed and it’s a great resource for dinnertime conversation.

We Make Money Not Art
The name is supposed to be ironic. The blog is about artists, not capitalists, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be interested. This blog reports on different happenings in the art world. From gallery openings to projects in the making to interviews with some of today’s most popular contemporary artists. I check this blog out a few times a week and I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in art!


Julianne Seubert said...

I am glad you talked about Boing Boing because you mentioned how it prides itself on being a "directory of wonderful things". Subsequently I decided to check it out and I was fascinated!

I think the multiple author aspect really adds an interesting new dimension. Unlike most blogs which seem to be maintained by one author, this blogs diverse array of contributors really brings a myriad of topics to the table. Accordingly it was no surprise that this is one of the most popular blogs on the internet! Moreover, I think I like multiple author blogs better because they cover assorted topics and introduce perspectives that I was previously unacquainted with.

lizettefaraji said...

i checked out the "we make money not art" blog and fell in love. it's so wonderful. my favorite posts/exhibits were the ones about the car side mirros being arranged and then having an image projected onto them, and also the intimate game controllers! i KNOW couples (well, boys) like this, and it's so funny that someone came up with a solution. where to get one...