Monday, May 21, 2007

Michael and Ryan's Game Proposal


Each year approximately 850,000 children die of malaria around the world. The most heavily impacted nations being those in Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia. Our game proposal would work to bring awareness to this very serious problem that faces billions of families around the world. Our game would be structured around the idea that you are a Red Cross worker that has been dispatched to Africa to organize a malaria treatment and prevention center. To fight the onslaught of the disease the player will have to overcome many of the challenges that real world aid workers face on a daily basis. In combination with actual game play, the user will be presented with questions and possible answers that will lead to different scenarios. Some examples may be swatting the malaria carrying mosquitoes with a fly swatter and using pesticide bombs to eradicate larger areas of land. There are a limited amount of species of mosquito (Anopheles) that actually carry the disease, so it will be up to the user to ensure that he or she does not eliminate all insects in the area that are vital to the local ecosystem. Other actions that the user will have to do in another part of the game is distribute anti-malarial drugs to patients in his region, using the limited funds that he or she is allocated. One obstacle associated with the use of these drugs, is that the parasite can gain resistance to them if they are used to liberally. To gain monetary resources, the player will have to kill certain amounts of mosquitoes and minimize collateral damage to the surrounding people and environment. Hopefully, this game will be engaging enough so that the user can have fun while learning about this global crisis.

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