Monday, May 21, 2007

Paper Topic

For my final project I would like to focus on the how censoring the accessible information on the internet influences a society’s world view, but also how the people of the society view their government. The question then would be: does the internet have the ability to change the world? Or is it another type of big brother? In the many ways one can use the internet, what are the ethical boundaries? Are we really able to access the world or are we just able to access the powers that control our world. After reading James F. Moore's “The Second Superpower Rears its Beautiful Head” I see where people could be taking the internet in the future, but is this really even possible. There are many countries that censor the information that their citizen can access over the internet. It may seem like the internet is a free for all with no limitations but the truth is that is untrue. And even if it is not being censored it is still being watched.

If the internet does have the capability to change the way the world works it would first have to be truly free. Free from censorship but how free is to free. Should we allow people to do and say whatever they want how ever they want, or are these watchful eyes working for the good. It seems that there are many barriers that start in the way of making the internet the next superpower. Will be a global effort or just anyway for someone else to gain all the power.

I would like to look into in what ways the internet can be censored and how information can be blocked. Also how the government uses the internet for “the good of the people”. I want to use this information to see if one could create a superpower out of the internet or not, and if it was possible where it would led us in the future.

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